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Why Utah Residents Should Avoid DIY Termite Control Options

April 15, 2019 - Termites

Just like a sickness hides inside a body until symptoms emerge, termites hide in homes until the damage they have done becomes so great that people start to notice. The reason termites are as destructive as they are is not because they eat wood at an extremely fast pace. It takes a fully mature termite colony about 5 months to eat a single 2x4-inch piece of lumber. What makes them so destructive is their ability to go unnoticed for years at a time. Over time, the amount of wood they are able to destroy or weaken goes up exponentially.

Termite Season & What It Could Mean For Your Home

Every year termites have a season. This is a time where fully mature termite colonies start to look outward for expansion. Just like the early American colonies who traveled west to find new locations to establish homes, termites each year pack their tiny bags, grow wings, and embark from their colonies to find new locations to call home. To be more specific, each year fully mature termite colonies produce a breed of termites called swarmers. These winged termites fly off to find new areas that have plenty of food (wood) and suitable areas to dig out homes (usually somewhere underground). If they find these two things on your property, your home could be at serious risk.

Why DIY Often Falls Short

In many areas of life, DIY is a great and reliable option. However, when it comes to termites, DIY often doesn’t do the trick. Think about it. It’s hard enough to fight the everyday pests you see crawling around in your home. Imagine how difficult it is to fight pests you cannot see, that are deeply embedded in the wood of your home. On top of this difficulty, any pest control products you find online or at the store commonly have one major downside. They are dangerous if used improperly. If you have a termite infestation in your home, we highly recommend saving money and stress by not wasting efforts with DIY, but instead trusting a qualified pest technician to handle your termites for you.

How Pickett Can Help Keep Termites Out

When it comes to professional termite control, no one does the job better than the pros here at Pickett Pest Control. Our termite control plans are designed to effectively stop any and all termites from destroying your home, now and in the future. If that is what you have been looking for for your home, look no further than Pickett. We have the answers you are looking for, give us a call today!

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