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The Most Effective Way To Keep Ants Out Of Your Roosevelt Home

March 15, 2023 - Ants

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Ants are some of the most prevalent pests that can find their way into your Roosevelt home. While they are incredibly common, that doesn’t make them any easier to deal with. This post will help you understand the common ant species that are considered household pests, the damage they cause in homes, and the best way to approach effective ant control. If you are searching for the best pest control in Roosevelt, get in touch with Pickett Pest Control. 

Types Of Ants That Routinely Invade Roosevelt Homes 

In Utah, we have several different species of ants, but only a handful are typically encountered inside homes. Below are two of the most common ants that can invade your home: 

  • Pavement ants: These are black/brown ants that nest on the sidewalks and foundations and hide in the cracks of pavements. They are also known to invade structures and nest in walls and flooring. 
  • Odorous house ants: Odorous house ants like to eat sugary substances, so they are often found searching for food in kitchens. Their bodies range from black to brown, and they commonly nest in moist areas of the home.

Knowing which type of ants you are dealing with is essential to get the best solution. Pickett Pest Control can tell which ant is in your home and provide the best ant pest control to eliminate them efficiently. 

The Problems Ants Can Cause In Your House 

When ants are on our property, they can cause many problems. For example, carpenter ants are notorious for weakening structures and damaging furniture. On the other hand, fire ants threaten residents with their famous painful stings, while pharaoh ants spread bacteria like salmonella and staphylococcus. Pavement ants and odorous house ants are mainly nuisance ants, but they can potentially contaminate food. As you can see, there are numerous problems related to ant infestations.

Five Useful Ant Prevention Techniques

If you want to avoid the problems ants bring, here are some helpful ant prevention tips: 

  1. Store and cover food in airtight containers to prevent food contamination. 
  2. Clear pet food immediately after feeding your pet.
  3. Clear any spillage of food or liquids. 
  4. Use sealable containers to store garbage. 
  5. Block all entry points, including cracks and crevices. 

Prevention can go a long way, but if it does not work for your home, call Pickett Pest Control today for the best ant control near you. 

The Best Option For Ant Control In Roosevelt

Ants are common pests in Roosevelt, and if you are looking for ant control that you can trust, hire experts from a professional company like Pickett Pest Control. Qualified technicians with the proper training and experience know how to identify different types of ants, the problems they can cause, and the removal methods that are ideal for your specific situation. 

Ants, like any other pests, become a nuisance in our homes when they invade in large numbers. Unfortunately, once they have infested a home, it is very tough to completely get rid of them. If you’re struggling to eliminate ants in your home, contact Pickett Pest Control experts to deal with them once and for all. 

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