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Spiders Be Gone: A Guide To Keeping Spiders Out Your Roosevelt Home

October 15, 2023 - Spiders

brown recluse spider in house

Spiders are not insects but arachnids. You might know them for their silk-spinning talent and the risk of bites in the case of some venomous species like the black widow and the brown recluse, which you can find in Georgia. These agile predators are crucial in controlling insect populations but can become nuisances if they take over your home.

In this blog, the Pickett Pest experts will tell you everything you need to know about spider behavior and the problems these unwanted guests can cause. We will also show you how to spider-proof your property with preventive tips and professional spider control in Roosevelt, GA.

Spider Behavior: How They Hunt, Feed, And Mate

Spiders are unwanted in most homes, but that doesn't make them any less fascinating when they're in their natural habitat. To understand why, you only need to learn about their diverse hunting, feeding, and mating behaviors.

Most types of spiders use silk to build intricate webs designed to capture prey. Still, others, like wolf spiders, will stalk and pounce on their victims. Once caught, they inject venom into their victims to liquefy their insides, which they eat with specialized mouthparts.

Mating is often complex and precarious, at least for the males. They must court females cautiously to avoid becoming a meal, using vibrational signals, pheromones, and silk cues to communicate their intentions.

Some female spiders in Roosevelt will indeed cannibalize their mates after copulation. Fortunately for them, this behavior is not universal. Females then lay their eggs, encasing them in silk sacs for protection until the spiderlings hatch and move away.

As incredible as spiders are, they can cause many problems in our homes, making prevention and control strategies necessary.

Spider Problems: Why You Don't Want These Arachnids In Your Home

Most spiders in Georgia are harmless. Still, some species, like the brown recluse or black widow, can be dangerous. They can inflict painful bites, requiring medical help to avoid necrosis and other issues. Even non-venomous spiders can be problematic if you are afraid of them or if their unsightly webs cause you additional and unnecessary housework.

If you have spiders in your Roosevelt home, it could also indicate an underlying pest problem. Remember that spiders prey on insects. Flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, and other invaders might have attracted them. Once on your property, spiders can reproduce rapidly and cause widespread infestation.

The best way to keep your home and loved ones protected is to spider-proof your house so these unwanted intruders aren't able to come in in the first place.

Spider-Proofing Tips: Protecting Your Home And Family

While spiders are common household pests, you can keep them out with the following preventive measures:

  • Seal entry points: If your home has gaps that spiders can exploit, they will come in at the first opportunity. Seal them to prevent intrusions.

  • Clean and declutter: Spiders love cluttered areas where they can hide and breed. Keep your home tidy and organized by minimizing unnecessary items in storage. Also, cleaning and vacuuming will help get rid of spiders, their webs and egg sacs, and potential prey.

  • Maintain your yard: Overgrown trees and shrubs near your home are convenient highways for spiders to invade. Trim them regularly. 

  • Change your lighting: Consider using yellow or sodium vapor lights. They are less attractive to insects and, subsequently, to spiders.

  • Consult a pest control professional: Pickett Pest can help manage other insect populations to reduce attractants and eliminate current infestations, no matter how severe.

If you need more than these spider-proofing strategies to keep invaders out, Pickett Pest has a team of experts ready to help.

Professional Spider Control: When To Call In The Experts

While most spiders are harmless, and seeing one occasionally might not be cause for alarm, there are times when calling in the experts is necessary. 

For instance, if you suspect venomous spiders like black widows or brown recluses are present, stay away from them and call us for effective home pest control in Roosevelt

A significant spider infestation often comes with extensive webs and egg sacs. They can be challenging to manage alone. Our licensed specialists can assist with cleaning and other tasks. 

And finally, if spiders keep reappearing despite your efforts, you may be dealing with a more substantial underlying pest issue. We can identify and address it for you. Call us today to request your free quote.

Pickett Pest uses green, organic, and eco-friendly spider removal solutions to eliminate the most challenging infestations. Complete the form on our website, or give us a call to get started.

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