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Spider Wars: How To Win The Battle Against Arachnids In Roosevelt

December 15, 2023 - Spiders

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Do you remember a time when you were not at least a little afraid of spiders? For many people, their fear of these pests stretches back to when they were a little kid. Whether you are currently scared of these arachnids or not, one thing is true, they do not belong inside your home. Here is what you should know to win the battle against spiders inside and around your Roosevelt home and why these pests are a problem. Call our team at Pickett Pest if you want our help dealing with these or other local pest problems. We will walk you through our service offerings and find an option for spider removal that will best handle your individual troubles.

Spider Identification: How To Recognize Different Species

Spiders are all over the place here in Roosevelt. Thankfully, most common types of spiders in our area have no interest in invading local homes. The two species that are found indoors most often are wolf spiders and cellar spiders. Wolf spiders can grow to be quite large and have fur. They are typically mottled brown and have pale markings on their back and legs. You will find this pest hiding around secluded areas like basements, crawlspaces, and storage rooms. Cellar spiders hide in the same area but are much smaller. These pests have tiny bodies and thin, long legs. If you would like help identifying what types of spiders are inside your home, bring in our team for a quick inspection. 

Issues Caused By Spiders In The House: Webs, Bites And Inconvenience

There are a lot of problems that come with spiders. These pests are mostly known for the way they build annoying webs inside and around homes. Some local ground spiders are venomous and might bite. This is the case for wolf spiders. The good news is that these arachnids do not seek out trouble. They will only attack if they feel directly threatened. That said, there are other dangerous spiders in our area. If you would like to avoid potentially painful bites, you will want to find a reliable option to avoid these pests. 

Creating An Uninviting Environment: Tips For Spider Prevention

Spiders like to invade homes that offer them opportunities for food and shelter. Since these arachnids hunt other pests, it is important that you use these general prevention tips to keep them away.

  • Make sure your home’s exterior is properly sealed.

  • Address damage to your windows and doors.

  • Fix leaks and make sure your gutters are working properly.

  • Keep your living areas clean and tidy.

  • Knock down webs as you find them inside and around your home.

For additional help dealing with these pests, talk with our team about our spider control offerings. We have everything you need to avoid these invasive creatures and the pests they invade to hunt. 

Experience Peace Of Mind: Choose Professional Spider Control

It is easy to become stressed out because of pest problems. Spiders are especially stressful because of the threat they pose. If you would like to find peace of mind within your own home, we have exactly what you need at Pickett Pest. Our team of trained technicians understands pests like spiders. We will identify what species you are dealing with and run you through your options for local spider control. If you are looking for long-term control, we have options for this as well. All you need to do is talk with our team.

Contact Pickett Pest now to discover more about our advanced spider control services and find a treatment time that works for you and your Roosevelt home.

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