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Roosevelt's Handy Bed Bug Prevention Guide

February 15, 2021 - Bed Bugs

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Pests can create all kinds of headaches for Roosevelt home and business owners. Some can cause so much harm to buildings that folks have needed to find a new place to settle. Other insects and creatures fixate on items like clothes and books. A large number of critters can injure humans or make them ill. They’re germy and can sting or paw at you. When it comes to bites, they can be severe and require medical care, but mild instances are still concerning. Bed bugs, for example, leave a plethora of red bumps that are intensely itchy. It’s puzzling to most people how bed bugs get indoors, but what’s certain is that they can be worrisome. The tiny insects populate at a rapid pace, and they’re challenging to get rid of. Age-old prevention is the key! We have helpful details to share and when you should call Pickett Pest Control to combat the bed bugs.

How Do You Get Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs in Roosevelt have one objective, and that’s to drink blood so they can continue to live. They’ll march into animal spaces and public places in pursuit of fleshly beings with the fluid they require. Pastures, hotels, bus stations, offices, and schools are some of the locations where they’ll gather. They will catch on to the nearest piece of clothing or creep into the closest bag so they can follow you home. Later, they’ll go to the following: 

  • Flooring

  • Wood Trim

  • Wallpaper Upholstery

  • Mattresses

  • Couches 

  • Electronics

  • Appliances

  • Fabrics

If a bed bug infestation develops, you’ll definitely know it by bites, stains, and odors. While you’re sleeping or sitting, the pests will feed on you and withdraw your blood. You probably won’t feel it. Soon after, masses of welts will appear. Typically, they will be on your arms, legs, face, and neck. It will be patchy and remind you of a rash. On your fabrics and surfaces will be blood droplets and reddish-brown marks. Also, you’ll find powdery fecal smears that are brown or black. Your nose will likely detect a musty scent. Again, blood is a bed bug’s focus; it doesn’t matter if a dwelling is dirty or not. The bed bugs that are commonly found around interiors are reddish-brown. Their 0.25 of an inch long bodies feature small round heads and large circular tails. There’s a conjoining midsection with a strange shape. They have two antennas and six legs. When they mate, they produce pearly white eggs and translucent young.

What Can You Do to Prevent Bed Bugs?

Practice these preventative tips if you’re in a public setting:

  • Always keep your personal effects off the ground or floor. 

  • Hotel maintenance should be notified if you see bed bugs, and you should request a different room in another location. 

  • Always place your luggage in a protective cover or plastic bag.

  • Wash your travel clothes in hot water and dry them for at least 20 minutes on high heat. 

If you are at home, you should:

  • Regularly check mattress seams, box springs, headboards, footboards, and under the bed with a flashlight. 

  • Carefully inspect all drawers, furniture, clothing stacks, purses, and bags.  

  • Before using or purchasing a second-hand item, like an appliance or piece of furniture, check for infestation signs.

How Will Pickett Pest Control Handle Bed Bugs?

The Roosevelt pest control treatments we offer at Pickett Pest Control are strong, effective, and fast-acting. The insects will surely be eradicated. Toxicity of products will not be an issue as our solutions are eco-friendly and safe for humans and pets. To ensure our competent technicians unearth all nesting spots, they’ll bring in trained canines with a keen sense of smell. Our home pest control services are guaranteed. We are ready to help here at Pickett Pest Control. Call us today for your free quote!

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