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How Long Does Termite Season Last In Duchesne, Utah?

August 16, 2019 - Termites

If there’s one thing we can say about these crafty and destructive pests, it’s that they are nothing short of consistent. 
Every year, beginning with the heat of summer, termites initiate their open season on homes all around the United States. During the early parts of their season, winged termites, known as ‘swarmers’, fly out from their colony to hunt for a new place to live, settling down with a mate in order to establish a nest of their very own. 
Here in the Duchesne, Utah, region, termite season ranges wider and lasts longer due to the warm climate and high moisture. For subterranean termites, early spring and early fall mark their seasons of high activity. Worse, the incontestably devastating drywood termites make their debut during the daytime hours of early fall. Within a few short weeks, termite season and all the associated risks will be upon homeowners all over the county. 
Thankfully, termites offer a small but important list of warning signs around this time of year that help property owners assess their risk levels during these pests’ most prolific period. 

Prohibit with Prevention

Several common warning signs for termite activity in and around the yard can be found in:

  • Dead or rotting tree stumps, or poorly stacked firewood piles.
  • Wood paneling or flooring.
  • Basements and basement walls.
  • Damp or moist places.

Typically, termite damage during this time of year will be negligible or difficult to spot unless there has been an ongoing infestation for quite some time.
The preemptive signs of termite colonies include:

  • Mud tunnels running up and down walls. 
  • Winged ‘swarmers’ crawling on windows or in the home. 
  • ‘Blisters’ on your wooden floors or furniture. 
  • Frass mounds, also known as termite excrement, resembling wood sawdust. 

If any of the above signs are present, it's imperative you seek the help of professional pest control services.

Protest the Pests with Pickett

With termite season around the corner, signs of potential infestations are at some of their highest all year. Noticing any of the above warnings in or around your home could be a bad omen for potential colonies and the termite damage there is to come. If you haven’t protected your greatest investment against termites this year, you can’t wait any longer to seek help. Call the professionals at Pickett, your Utah pest control operatives, with your needs in mind. 

With a one-year renewable warranty on our termite protection plans, Pickett promises you the safest, strongest, and most reliable treatments on the market today. Don’t gamble with your termite luck this year. Contact Pickett for your free and no-obligation inspection and discover a newfound peace of mind.

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