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Everything Roosevelt Property Owners Ought To Know About Black Widows

July 16, 2020 - Spiders

black widow spider on a web

Black widow spiders are perhaps the most well-known and greatest feared arachnids in the Roosevelt area. A femme fatal of the highest order, these spiders will often kill or consume their male mates after child-rearing, giving rise to the famous moniker.

The black widow spider is best identified by:

  • Long, dark legs that extend past the length of the body (15 millimeters on average

  • A dark and shiny abdomen often described as ‘globular’ in appearance

  • A signature red ‘hourglass’ shape across the end of the abdomen

  • Messy or formless web structures

Like many other types of deadly spiders, the black widow is not a fan of crowds. Opting to hide in dark or unused structures, these arachnids prey on any insects or small creatures that come their way. Outdoor sheds and garages, greenhouses, child recreational equipment, attics, and doghouses are common culprits for their annual housing.

Despite their incredible toxicity, these fatal and ferocious females rarely bite humans. As a member of only two deadly spider species in the United States, it is highly uncommon for black widows to approach a victim unless startled, forced, or afraid for their lives. The bite itself is no more painful than an ant sting at first, gradually progressing into a pulsing or burning sensation. Symptoms of a black widow bite often include nausea or vomiting, sweating, dizziness, fatigue, and difficulty breathing. If you or someone you know has been bitten by a black widow spider, it will be imperative to seek medical attention at once.

Black Widow Spider Prevention Tips For Roosevelt Property Owners

Preventing black widow spiders from housing on the lawn is simplistic enough, provided homeowners are armed with the right knowledge for the job. Below is a list of helpful tips that will help you cut back on these keen-eyed killers fast.

  • Sweep out spider webs as soon as you spot them, making regular trips to more unused areas to check for any webbing activity.

  • Ensure that your windows, doors, and foundations are crack-free and pest-proof.

  • Make sure that your home does not contain any additional pest infestations that could be attracting black widows in the first place.

  • One prevention tip specific to black widows is making sure you store firewood away from the home and out in the yard. Properly stack and season your wood, and do not bring logs inside that have not been checked for spider activity.

Despite your best efforts, spiders may still somehow find a way to infiltrate your home and yard. If you are concerned that black widows are currently encroaching on your property, get a free home inspection through Pickett Pest Control immediately.

Protest Those Pests With Pickett Pest Control

While it’s important to remember that these murderous mistresses are not violent by intent, a single bite contains enough neurotoxin to kill an adult human in only minutes. If you live anywhere within Roosevelt and do not have a spider prevention plan in place, now is the time to act.

To protect your home from deadly spiders and the prey they commonly feed on, contact the home pest control professionals at Pickett Pest Control right away. With decades of experience providing expert advice and assistance to homeowners all over Roosevelt, Pickett Pest Control has the experience you need to get the job done right – the first time.

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