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Avoiding Mice Problems In Roosevelt This Winter

December 16, 2019 - Rodents

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Sometimes, trouble comes in small packages. Today, we are talking about one particular trouble that could soon be coming to your home. As we head into winter here in Roosevelt, these small furry creatures will be trying to find their way into our warm homes. If you read the title of this article, you already know we are referring to mice, more specifically house mice. Why do they want to invade? Let’s talk about that.

Why Mice Want To Get Into Your Home

Mice do not need to invade our homes here in Roosevelt. With their fur and our warmer climate, getting in during winter is not a necessity. It is, however, preferable. Although the weather outside will not kill house mice, it can be uncomfortable for them. They would much rather be within the walls of our temperature-controlled homes. It's only once they have gotten inside that they realize how much of a paradise our homes really are. Where else are they going to find cupboards filled with accessible food or nesting places as safe as your walls? For mice, staying in a home is a no-brainer.

Mice Are Dangerous

Despite being small and cute, mice are dangerous when inside homes. They are content to sleep where they do their business, and they travel through the most filthy areas, so mice often find themselves teeming with bacteria. On any given night, a house mouse may find himself crawling through trash, eating rotting foods, nibbling on animal carcasses, wandering around sewers, and doing other things you would consider disgusting and unclean. Once thoroughly filthy, mice then wander through homes, spreading bacteria over countertops, kitchen tables, and inside food storage areas. Mice have even been known to chew their way into boxes of food, contaminating the food within.

Mice are destructive. With incredibly sharp front incisor teeth, they can chew through practically anything. Most often they just chew through walls to get to places they want to be. More rarely, they chew through electrical wiring and utility piping, causing water damage and possibly electrical fires inside of homes.

Mice can also bring fleas and ticks into homes. If you have indoor pets that do not have flea and tic collars, they could be at risk. And fleas and ticks can be a pain for homeowners, hiding in carpets and biting people while they sleep. And they are vectors for their own list of diseases.

How Mice Get Inside

Mice are small creatures, so what we are about to tell you might shock you. If you can, find a dime and look at it for a second. That is how big a hole needs to be for a mouse to squeeze into your home. Any small gap under your doors or hole in your exterior foundation will allow mice to get in easily. If the hole is too small for them, they might use their teeth to widen it until it is big enough to fit through. Our best suggestion to prevent this is to use steel mesh and a caulking gun to seal up gaps in your home’s exterior and invest in steel screens to cover any exterior vents coming into your home. This will not only help keep mice out but can also save you money on your heating and cooling costs.

What To Do If Mice Get Inside

Once mice get into your home, there are two things you can do. You can bait mouse traps around your home with peanut butter. With a little luck, this may catch a couple of mice. If your infestation is small enough, this can solve your problem. If you have more than just a couple of mice, we recommend professional pest control in Roosevelt. This is the only way to ensure your home gets back to being rodent-free and safe.

Here at Pickett Pest Control, we have extensive home pest control services designed to quickly and effectively remove mice from your home. This is by far your best option. If you have any questions about how our services work or would like to schedule immediate help for your Roosevelt home, reach out to us today.

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