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A Guide To Recognizing And Eliminating Roosevelt Ant Infestations

January 15, 2024 - Ants

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Ants play an essential role in our arid landscapes. Many species have adapted to Utah's unique environment, contributing to soil aeration and nutrient cycling. But while tiny, these tenacious creatures can also become significant household nuisances.

In this blog about ant control in Roosevelt, we will show you how to identify local species and hamper their attempts to infiltrate your home quickly. We will also review the different ways to prevent future intrusions in the long term.

Quick Identification Guide For Roosevelt Ants

This area has many types of ants. In Roosevelt, pavement and odorous house ants are the most common.

Pavement ants typically nest in sidewalks or wall cracks. They are dark brown to black and have parallel lines on the head and thorax. Odorous house ants prefer staying inside our homes. If you crush them, they will release an unpleasant odor that resembles rotten coconut.

Pavement ants are about 1/8 of an inch, and odorous house ants are slightly smaller. You can often deter them with similar strategies because they both forage for sugar and protein-rich foods.

Six Simple Ways To Deter Ants On Your Own

Ants can be a persistent annoyance. Here are several simple and effective ant prevention tips to keep them at bay naturally:

  1. Clean thoroughly: Ants love food crumbs; remove them as necessary. Some of the best strategies include sweeping and mopping your floors and wiping and disinfecting counters. Remember to check overlooked areas like behind appliances and under furniture.

  2. Consider ant-repelling plants and scents: While they cannot eliminate infestations alone, fragrant plants like mint and lavender (or their oils) might help disrupt ant scent trails and deter them from crossing.

  3. Seal entry points: Try to find all the potential entry points ants may use to invade. Windows, doors, and foundations are common culprits. Seal any cracks to make it more challenging for them to establish trails and forage inside your home.

  4. Store food in airtight containers: Leaving food out is like rolling out the red carpet for ants and other invaders. Keep pantry items sealed in sturdy boxes or packaging and store leftovers in the fridge.

  5. Eliminate standing water: Ants need water, like many other household pests. Fix leaks and ensure your home has low humidity levels throughout.

  6. Avoid feeding animals outside: Everything from bird to pet food can attract ants. Clean your yard regularly, and consider feeding your pets at specific times and putting their food away for the rest of the day.

Taking the time to make your home less appealing to these persistent pests is essential. If natural methods are insufficient, calling the pros can make all the difference.

Contact Us To Completely Eliminate An Ant Infestation

Pickett Pest can eliminate the most challenging ant infestations when your strategies are insufficient or only provide temporary relief. We will address the root causes and offer a hassle-free approach to keeping your home free of these tiny invaders.

Call us today to learn about our options, including our starter plan that includes quarterly pest control and addresses over 20 pests, our Advanced Plan with 24-hour guaranteed free re-services and coverage for over 40 species, and more. After thorough treatments, you can enjoy long-term results and implement preventative strategies.

How To Prevent Future Ant Infestations

The following effective ant control strategies will keep these persistent pests at bay.

First, maintaining impeccable cleanliness by promptly cleaning up potential food sources is essential to eliminate attractants and disrupt their foraging efforts.

Closing openings ants can take advantage of and removing bridges into your home, like overhanging branches, will also discourage them from trying to invade.

In the end, year-round vigilance is critical to long-term ant control. If trying to stay on top of local pests seems overwhelming, call Pickett Pest today to find out how we can take the guesswork out of ant control and protect your property inside and out throughout the seasons.

Pickett Pest has years of experience keeping Roosevelt homes and businesses pest-free with top-of-the-line ant pest control services and reliable prevention strategies. Request your free quote today to get started.

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