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5 Things You Need To Know About Black Widow Spiders

April 19, 2019 - Spiders

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In life, it is always good to avoid dangerous situations. As children, our parents teach us many lessons to help us do just that. For instance, we were told to look both ways before crossing the street so as to not get hit by a car. If your parents knew about black widows, there is a good chance they told you a little bit about these dangerous pests. Maybe something along the lines of, “If you see a black spider with a red hourglass shape on it’s back, don’t touch it!” However, we would bet there is a lot more information about these dangerous pests that you do not know. That is why we have compiled 5 things you should know when it comes to black widow spiders.

  1. Black Widows Are Not Commonly Deadly: Yes, it is true that black widows venom packs a serious punch, it is a rare occurrence for their bite to be fatal. Fatalities usually only occur when the victim of a black widow bite is elderly, very young, or has other health conditions that could make the effects of the bite much worse. It is still important that you understand that black widow bites are dangerous and extremely painful. If you have been bitten by a black widow, seek professional medical help ASAP.

  2. Black Widows Do Not Often Eat Their Partner: It is a common misconception that female black widows eat their mate after mating. Although this does happen on occasion, it is very rare

  3. Black Widows Have Extremely Strong Webs:  Black widows are known for having the strongest webs out of any other spider species. Scientists have been studying the silk used to make up these webs for years trying to recreate its properties. Who knows, if they are successful, we could have real-life spider men on our hands.

  4. Black Widows Aren’t Always Black: Depending on the species of black widow spider (there are 31 species), black widow spiders are not always black. With some species, black widows are dark brown to light brown in coloring. It is good to mention that not all species have a red violin on their abdomen.

  5. Black Widows Can Lay Upwards Of 400 Eggs At A Time: You think one black widow is bad, imagine 400 baby black widows crawling about. It’s a terrifying thought. Who wants 400 black widow spiders in their home?!

Best Way To Keep Black Widows Out Of Your Home

If you are the kind of person that prefers not to have these dangerous pests wandering around in your home, we would like to offer our Roosevelt pest services. Here at Pickett Pest Control, we offer trusted and effective home pest control solutions to get rid of and keep out dangerous black widow spiders. If you see a black widow in your home or would like to have a defense set up so you never will, give us a call today! We would be happy to make sure your home is black widow-free.

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